Daily Covers - 03/04/16

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Daily Covers - 03/04/16

El Clásico defeat/win and the homage to Cruyff

Cruyff will always be with us. The homage to Johan will be recorded by history over a Clásico that Barça didn't know how to face.

Emotion and a break. Incredible homage to Cruyff with record attendance at the Camp Nou, Real Madrid won after Barça relaxed when Piqué scored.

Real Madrid, a pun with Alma (Soul). Los Blancos didn't give up and conquer the Camp Nou, a turnaround with pride and character ends Barça's unbeaten run, Marcelo says they had a debt with the fans. Celebration in the dressing room. Atleti wins vs Bétis.

Hala Cristiano, the Portuguese start won the match when Real Madrid played with ten after Ramos was sent off. Piqué says they can't get into a slump, Lucho says the match doesn't exist anymore, no pain; Zidane says he's proud of his players; Bale says the league is possible. Torres and Griezmann hone their aim for the Camp Nou.

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