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Barcelona's fiendish contract with Santos FC for a friendly are revealed

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Barcelona's fiendish contract with Santos FC for a friendly are revealed

ESPN Brazil revealed Barcelona has to play a friendly vs Santos in Brazil under absurd conditions

ESPN Brazil has exclusively revealed the details of the contractual conditions Barcelona has with Brazilian Football Club Santos as part of the agreement that enabled Neymar's signing back in 2013. At the time, the club accepted absurd conditions with the club from São Paulo, such as:

-Barcelona has to travel to Brazil in January to play the friendly.

-Barcelona has to play with all of their available starting players, paying all of the travel and housing costs in Brazil.

-If any Barcelona players are injured, they will have to present a medical certificate as proof.

-If any Barcelona players were called up by their national teams at the time of the friendly, the club has to justify their call-ups.

-Santos will receive all benefits of the friendly, including ticket sales and television rights.

-Barcelona has only rights over 30 VIP tickets, 10 of them being exceptional, and one hundred standard tickets.

-Santos has the right to decide where the match will be played as long as it fulfills FIFA's standards.

If the club doesn't want the friendly to take place, they will have to pay Santos €4.5m as reparation. We are yet to discover if Barcelona will accept Santos conditions for the friendly in January 2017, one thing is for sure: we hope the deal for Neymar has no more hidden surprises.

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