Barcelona's board hints at turning the club members into shareholders

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Barcelona's board hints at turning the club members into shareholders

The club looks for a controversial alternative that change the club's very essence

Barça's board will propose to turn Camp Nou season pass holders into stadium stockholders as soon as they buy their season tickets, as explained by Carles Tusquets, president of the blaugrana Finance Committee, interviewed at radio show "Què t'hi jugues" ("Wanna bet?") broadcasted by Cadena Ser. They argue it could help make the club more professional and keep it among the elite.

Up to now, holders pay their passes every season at prices ranging from €300 to €2000, depending on the zone of the stadium they choose. Proposal is to turn the purchasing club member into seat holder for a period lasting 15 or 20 years, by paying ten times their current price.

For the time being, this is nothing but a proposal that will be presented for all club members' consideration, and it has not yet been discussed at a board meeting.

Barça is one of just a few top sides in Europe that have not become a private corporation, and it is owned by its 150,000 club members, just as it has been since it was first established. Should the proposal be approved, it would be the first step to turn the club into a association focusing on profiting, thus wiping out its centenarian philosophy, as well as its very essence.

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