It is still early to tell how the new stadium will look like. The old White Hart Lane was constructed in the year 1900 with a capacity of about 36,284. It is an old stadium for a great club like the Spurs. With the new stadium expected to have a capacity of 61,559, more Arsenal’s Emirates stadium, it is no doubt that it is worth looking forward to. It is been built next to their old stadium, and once it is done it is expected to be a world class stadium. For the 2017/18 season, they can call Wembley home.

It will cost them £850 million

For a club that has had multiple successes in the EPL and played in the Champions League many times, it can afford to build a mega-stadium. It has been a long time coming for the fans as the old White Hart Lane is small as compared to other great clubs’ stadium in England. With the new look to the new stadium and the state of the art facilities, fans and players will have a great time once the construction is done. Take advantage of all the latest football match betting tips plus predictions on which team will win the upcoming matches. Get the best odds and advice on which team to place your bet on for different fixtures.

They can move into the new stadium in the 2018/19 season

Breaking ground for the new stadium started way back in June, this year. Tottenham had their last match at the White Hart Lane with Man United and have since moved to Wembley as their new home this season. Wembley stadium seems to be the right choice for the England club as despite it being within the county, it is a large stadium with a capacity of 90,000. On top of that, they have had great successes on that stadium during the Champions League this year.

It will have a capacity of over 61,500

It is such a huge capacity when you compare it with the Old White Hart Lane, which is only 36,284. By building this stadium, they bring in new and fresh look to the club. With a larger capacity comes many fans and thus recognition as a great club in England. The Spurs will have a seat at the table with the great such as Man United and Arsenal as they have capacities of over 60,000 for their home stadiums.

It will be the third largest stadium in capacity

It is no doubt that big teams in England have built mega-football stadiums to accommodate their every growing population of fans. Once the new stadium is done next year, it will have a capacity of 61,559 which is third behind the Old Trafford, 75,643, and Wembley, 90,000. It is with such huge developments that the Spurs’ fans are excited to grace the new stadium come next year. However, they have to settle for the Wembley this season, as it will be their home ground as they wait for theirs to be completed.

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