Rafael Hernández: If I could pick a match that summed up all of Barcelona’s problems, I could’ve have come up with a better example than the draw vs Real Madrid. A mediocre first half that signaled all of the club’s tactical flaws, three defensive midfielders that didn’t know what to do when in possession except pass to the front three or make it a backpass, combined with an isolated Messi forced to drop deep into the midfield in an attempt to create something out of nothing, an uninspired Suárez and Mascherano making mistakes while Umtiti sat on the bench was frustrating.

Suárez’ goal came out of nowhere, then Iniesta came on, once again showed why he’s one of the best that ever played the game in a masterful performance, and in the final five minutes, Luis Enrique threw the match away by field Arda Turan in place of Gomes. Barça instantly lost control of the match, and Ramos’ goal came from a foul by the Turk to make things even worse.

The situation at Barça is worrying as it’s ever been, the team needs a tactical shakedown and new ideas, not over reliance in the front three where two are off form, and an aging Iniesta that with all due respect can only do so much. I’m pessimistic about our chances to win La Liga, and losing it to a team that lacks resources and a smarter coach much like Barça does, won’t be getting any less embarrassing anytime soon.


Frustrating draw to say the very least. We should've won for sure. Both teams should've had penalties but besides that we were the better team especially in the 2nd half and then Luis Enrique happened. Why on earth did he bring Arda Turan on in midfield rather than putting him wide or even bringing Umtiti on for Gomes and pushing the full backs higher.

It was wonderful to see Iniesta back, it was as if he never left. He changed the game for us, of course in a positive way. Although Neymar got the assist for Suarez's goal he was shocking today. Busi on the otherhand played like his usual self, possibly our best performer today along with Iniesta. The midfield today was better than what we've seen so there are little positives to take from this.

Disappointing result nonetheless.

José Manuel: Hands trembling and heart beating like a hammer in my chest. Last minutes were so dangerous for both sides. Again that effing and disgusting excuse for a player with his late goal stole from us the joy of chanting "¡Madrid se quema, se quema Madrid!" at Penya Blaugrana Ciutat de Mexic.

But in fact, the blame is not to be cast upon Mascherano or the defense in general for allowing the tier. Sad but true, our own lads are 100% responsible, as Barça wasted goal occasions time and again at those minutes after the first goal, when they became owners of the whole pitch and the ball. Neymar skyrocketed his effort over the bar, Messi failed to give the ball to the Brazilian skipper when he could have just tipped it into an empty net.

As a final balance, keeping always in mind that it's still a long, long way to go in La Liga, I'll take for good those 15-20 minutes after Barça's goal, when the blaugrana found their real playing style on the pitch. And it got even better when Don Andrés walked into the pitch.

Maybe Lucho will now have to find a solution to our next big problem. No Messi-dependency here. This team is a heavy Iniesta-addict, and abstinence syndrome shows its ugliest face when we don't get our regular dozes.

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