The world of football has always been pragmatic with one ironclad rule: Results come first. Only Barcelona has fought under a slogan that became a trend, winning can also be done in a unique and beautiful way as the godfather of modern Barcelona, the late Johan Cruyff, showed us and who finally gave Barcelona the first Champions League trophy with the iconic dream team. The great Johan helped to develop La Masia into what it is today, and was keen on developing home grown talents. This philosophy, the model was the weapon that Joan Laporta used to conquer the world with the Catalan club.

The above is well known worldwide amongst Barça fan base, not only the Catalans, but also between foreign Culés. Barcelona's fan base is wholly different from other clubs. Because they are supporters of a team that played the most entertaining football of all time. Laporta turned Barcelona into a model to be followed on and off the pitch. That model with its huge fanbase is now under assault. The assault has really begun since 2010 when Rosell was elected. Letting Guardiola go in 2012 and pushing Cruyff away completed the beginning of Barça's kidnapping.

The model has fallen into rotten hands that turned our lovely Barcelona into just another club being bullied on and off the pitch. Those who are doing harm to our club think Barcelona fans can be easily fooled. They don't even know that an Egyptian culé like me shares the same enthusiasm for the club as any Catalan citizen who was born close to the Camp Nou itself. A culé might live thousands of miles away from Catalonia, but knows exactly what made this club great and what is destroying it now.

Barcelona fanbase all over the world knows that Barcelona needs a player like Seri, not Paulinho, and that the shameful departure of Neymar can't be solved individually because the presence of the MSN had caused a tactical mess, causing our midfield to weaken and disappear under pressure. So replacing Neymar wasn't the issue, because even with him we looked fragile in the middle. The priority through the summer window should have been a controller who could support holding things together. But what happened was chaos, a new chapter in our misery. They brought Paulinho whose profile is more physical, whose career is questionable giving that he failed with Spurs and ended playing in China before someone miraculously saw him as the solution for our problems.

This someone and his similars let Thiago, Samper and others leave the club to sign the likes of Arda Turan and André Gomes. Who are these people? Eyes of spies may be, greedy people who have one goal: destroying the model, its ethics, symbols and everything that stands for the great Barcelona. Much of what's been made by this board belongs to the playbook of the immoral. Sponsorship contracts with Qatar, questionable coaches and players, and now Sandro Rosell, the one who started it all is in jail for corruption, indirectly tainting the club again.

The cure is beyond football because we are witnesses of a large crime scene. The cure isn't only changing coaches, and signing proper players is also a short term solution, but the real solution is resetting the club, to restore us back to what Johan Cruyff, Guardiola, Oriol Tort, Joan Laporta and many others built that made the club special, but let's not forget it's not about persons, but the right ideas. The mentor was Cruyff, whom sadly passed away but his ideas will live forever. Pep is away, but his love to the club, his way in handling things, and the most important his tactical philosophy and his belief in the way of playing, can be done by other coaches, he is unique but ideas are to be shared and many have learned from him. Txiki, Laporta, Pep, Cruyff, Xavi, Puyol.... Barcelona is more than a club and its sons are numerous compared to those that are trying to sank our Illustrious ship.

Barcelona members, we must start by removing the Bartomeu by signing Benedito's motion of censure and helping in his campaign which gave us hope that our nightmare might come to an end. We haven't much time to waste. The best years of Messi's career are being wasted and the greatest of all time just doesn't deserve to be exhausted by the schemes of a board that made the club a mockery in the world of football.

The club needs a savior, we can't let it down.

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This article was a guest post by Raji Mahdi, a Barcelona fan from Egypt. Submit your articles to [email protected] and they might be published too.