Marc-Andre ter Stegen (6): Had a really quiet game for the most part. Madrid didn’t really trouble much at all although the scoreline shows otherwise. Made some good saves, but it wasn’t much. Passing been fine as we know. On the goals there were nothing he could’ve done. Can’t really say too much else, it was a dull game for the most part.

Aleix Vidal (2): Terrible performance, the worst player on the pitch and should’ve been subbed off. Defensively non-existent, Madrid did whatever they wanted to do down his wing. Going forward he did make some runs in behind, but even when he managed to receive the ball, his decision making was awful.

Gerard Piqué (4): Individually, it was a poor performance but most of his mistakes were a result of a team defending poorly as a whole. Had too much ground to cover as Vidal was shockingly bad defensively. Perhaps could’ve done better on Madrid’s 2nd and 3rd goal and left too much space and time for Asensio and Ronaldo.

Samuel Umtiti (7): Easily our best player. Didn’t really put a foot wrong all game. Held off Benzema and Bale with a lot of ease. Passing was as good as it usually is. None of the goals were his fault. The suicidal tactics of being 2v2 in possession made it so difficult for he and Piqué to keep counter attacks at bay.

Jordi Alba (6.5): Had a really contrasting game. In the first half he wasn’t so good but in the second half he was arguably our best defender. Made a vital recovery to stop Bale from getting a clear shot and then again in the 2nd half to stop Carvajal getting a guaranteed goal. Going forward he wasn’t too good but his defensive work was superb.

Sergio Busquets (6): One of Barça’s better players on the day, but he should’ve done better on a golden chance he had inside Madrid’s box when he couldn’t hit the target from close range. Passing was solid, he managed to break the lines quite often but unfortunately the team couldn’t capitalise on it. Defensively he was left with too much ground to cover at times when the pressing didn’t work as well as planned.

Ivan Rakitić (4.5): Quite a poor performance. Didn’t necessarily make too many mistakes but he didn’t take risks and was too safe with his passes, wasn’t able to create much. Found himself in good positions at times but his decision making and his first touch prevented him from getting on a scoresheet. Didn’t have a strong performance defensively either, one to forget.

Andres Iniesta (5): Wasn’t his usual self. Lost the ball occasionally but has done well under pressure, however he often got outnumbered and lost the ball. Passing has been decent but has lacked options when on the ball except for Messi and Busquets, this continued into the 2nd half and oddly he was subbed off for Roberto.

Lionel Messi (6.5): One of Barça’s best player on the pitch, along with Umtiti and Alba. Everything the team managed to create went through him. He didn’t receive the ball in good positions in the 1st half but was more dangerous in the 2nd, dribbled past Madrid players with ease numerous times and passed it to his teammates in good positions, but they let him down for the most part. Well taken penalty to make it 1-1. Had better games against Madrid, but could’ve picked up at least 1 more goal/assist today.

Luis Suárez (4.5): A game to forget. He pressed well and managed to find himself in good positions but his decision making and his shots were poor. The most frustrating part were his passes, he had an opportunity to play the final pass a couple of times but his touch was always poor. One of those poor passes led to Madrid’s counter and Asensio’s goal. Won us a penalty but it was a clear dive and he started going down before the contact was even made, here’s hoping this doesn’t happen much this season.

Gerard Deulofeu (4.5): Rather bad performance. Perhaps the occasion got the better of him but he constantly made the wrong decisions, lost the ball easy and slowed attacks down. He was subbed off for Denis Suárez which was another bizarre decision by Valverde but we can see that nerves will be a problem for him in these big games.

Denis Suárez: Replaced Deulofeu midway through the 2nd half, he was slightly better than Gerard but largely ineffective. It was expected. It would’ve made more sense to me for him to replace Rakitic instead.

Sergi Roberto: Replaced Iniesta which was a very odd sub to me as we had a very weak link in MF and that wasn’t Iniesta. He didn’t get involved too much, rather he did a lot of chasing. With the ball there’s nothing to note really. LCM is not a position he should ever play.

Paco Alcácer: Came on with 5 minutes to go and barely managed to touch the ball. Not much to note on this performance but he finished the last season on a high, let’s hope he can challenge Suárez a bit this season.

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