Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): Done nothing all first half, had around 10 touches. In the second half, it was more of the same. Made 1/2 saves but they could hardly be classed as saves truth be told. Barely even passed it around since he barely got a touch. Nice to have a clean sheet on such a difficult circumstances.

Sergi Roberto (7): Looked lively at times in the 1st half and the right side seemed active from the start. Great run and a cross to find Paulinho in the box but his header went just wide. Defensively, he was solid as well. Las Palmas could do nothing all game down his side, won most of his duels. Passing was great, completed 97% of his passes.

Gerard Piqué (6.5): Solid when needed at the back even though he wasn’t troubled much for the most part. Passing was great as usual and he played well out the back. First half was much harder for him defensively as Barça didn’t have control over the game but got more comfortable in the 2nd half.

Javier Mascherano (6): Sloppy, rusty and slow to react to play. He lost the ball in a dangerous position but luckily Busquets saved him. Passing been fine but was suspect defensively in the first half, however dealt with aerial balls well. The circumstances weren’t good for the game but he had contrasting halves. He’ll need replacing in the summer but his role of being Umtiti’s backup is the best for him currently.

Jordi Alba (6): Useless in final third for most of the game. Could’ve got an assist but his cutback was poor as we are use to seeing. Had some difficulty defending in the first half but improved after the interval. Rather lackluster game from him and most of the team expectedly.

Sergio Busquets (7.5): Brilliant performance. Barça had no control in the 1st half with midfielders positioned far from him at times but he still managed to look comfortable on the ball. Always on the right place at the right time. Second half was even better as Barça finally managed to gain some control. Crucial goal after a set piece to make it 1-0, his 1st goal in official matches in almost 3 years.

Paulinho (5): Ran from box to box for 45 minutes. Made 1/2 tackles and some passes but nothing more. Was subbed off at HT for Iniesta and expectedly our overall play improved.

Denis Suárez (6.5): Poor first half, no other way to put it. The second half was all different, he was actually making the right decisions and looked like his old self with Iniesta by his side. His assist to Messi was brilliant. He lost the ball too much for my liking but considering what we have, he’s the best option we’ve got.

Aleix Vidal (4.5): Started on the right wing and showed nothing. He received the ball in dangerous areas but decision making was just terrible almost every time. Probably the worst player on the pitch and it wasn’t a surprise when he got subbed off immediately at the start of the 2nd half.

Lionel Messi (7): Passing and decision making was quite poor in the 1st half, weirdly enough. Nothing seemed to go his way early on, took a great free-kick but Las Palmas keeper did well. Second half was much better, assisted from a set piece for Barça’s 1st goal. Brilliant finish after he dribbled past the keeper to make it 2-0. Added another one after a great team move. It wasn’t a performance to remember all round but he was there in important moments again.

Luis Suárez (5.5): Yet another poor performance in front of the goal. Combined well with his teammates at times but other than that, he should’ve done all lot better. Had a great chance in the 2nd half but decided to go around the keeper and then tried to fool the ref and dive. Awful behaviour. His assist for Messi’s 2nd goal is the only thing worth mentioning. He was so frustrated he ripped his shirt off after missing yet another chance.

Ivan Rakitić (6.5): Subbed on at the start of the 2nd half and helped Barça finally gain control. He did nothing spectacular, but he still offers much more than Paulinho in possession and Barça looked better in the 2nd half. Passing was fine, involved in Barça’s 3rd goal. Tested Las Palmas keeper once but his shot was saved.

Andres Iniesta: Let's hope that his injury is very minor. Replaced Paulinho at HT and the game changed, Barcelona played more fluidly and were able to keep hold of the ball better. The injury comes at a good time you could say since he won’t need to go on duty for Spain and he needs a rest since playing the last 7 or so games.

André Gomes: Replaced the injured Iniesta with 5 or so minutes left, did nothing to note but when you constantly play 5 mins every game there is nothing you can do more often than not.

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