Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): Made some great saves and kept us ahead in the game. We were unable to hold down the MF for most of the game so Girona easily attacked our goal but he denied them on a few occasions. He was made to hit long due to Girona’s pressing, it was not so great in the first half but started becoming more accurate as the game went on.

Sergi Roberto (6): Decent enough defensively but wasn’t always involved much going forward. Passing was fine but didn’t manage to create much except for that assist for Suárez which was well taken. 1st half was poor but he improved as the game went on. Kept Girona’s left side quiet for the most part.

Javier Mascherano (7): Solid defensively, but passing wasn’t always the best even if it was clear he was instructed to play long passes out the back. He did manage to create 2 chances. Managed 6 clearances, most of which were quite important and he stopped quite a few dangerous attacks from Girona. Didn’t play much at the start of the season but proved in this game he still has something to offer.

Samuel Umtiti (7): On the ball he was great but was called into action a lot more than he should’ve since our MF were near useless for most of the game. He was forced in more aerial duels than anything when it came to defending. He was forced to play long balls which led to nothing or to Iniesta and the MF getting isolated a lot. Alba due to his attacking nature left him alone a bit too much but luckily it didn’t come to much.

Jordi Alba (5): Bar this lucky goal (own goal), he wasn’t too impressive. Both fullbacks were not too great in the first half but Sergi improved unlike him. Defensively he actually done well but kept the Girona RM/RWB locked down for 45 minutes then for the next 45 minutes, he got absolutely wrecked, he was getting fooled every attack down his side. His lucky deflected goal was perhaps the only good thing about his game other than getting up and down the left well.

Ivan Rakitić (6): Started in Busquets’ position and did well defensively for the most part, but Barça struggled in possession and the midfield didn’t seem to link-up well. Managed 1 key pass. After Busquets came on, he was moved to a more advanced position in midfield. Managed to stop Girona’s attacks quite a few times by either getting the ball back to Barça’s possession or committing smart fouls.

Paulinho (5): Started once again but didn’t seem too comfortable on the ball and completed less than 20 passes the entire game. As usual, he only seemed useful in set pieces (got close to scoring after a corner in the 1st half) and by making runs in the final third. In possession, he didn’t offer much, and this resulted in Barça being forced to play long lasses from deep. The only thing worth noting is his work defensively, managed to disrupt Girona’s attacks occasionally. Subbed off for Busquets after 67 minutes.

Andres Iniesta (6): Rather invisible since he was bypassed a lot. Unable to control the game since we just played long balls from deep. Passing when on the ball was fine. His ball retention too was great, Girona players barely ever got the ball off him. The second half was more of the same really, he was then replaced by Denis Suárez with around 20 minutes left.

Aleix Vidal (5): Awful game. Great movement and runs on and off the ball but other than this he was poor. Had 2 chances to score but should’ve done better on both. His crossing and decision making in final third was arguably worse than Alba’s was during 16/17. He doesn’t seem that useful when he starts games rather than when he’s subbed on. His crossing barely beat the first man half of the time. Although on the 2nd goal, he did really well but you can’t call it a good performance due to one/two moments.

Lionel Messi (6.5): Not the best of the performances by his standards. Girona managed to defend well against him and had numerous players around him whenever he was on the ball. This resulted in him not getting into dangerous positions closer to Girona’s goal. He provided a couple of great passes as usual, involved heavily in Barça’s 2nd goal, the move started after his great pass to Suárez.

Luis Suárez (6.5): Much more active than in some of the games earlier. Had a great chance to score in the 1st half but decided to pass the ball after he already got past the keeper. Caught offside too many times even though some of those decisions were questionable. Great dummy to fool Iraizoz on Barça’s 2nd goal. Finally managed to get on the scoresheet after he escaped one of many Girona’s offside traps. Hopefully this goal will help his confidence in in the coming weeks.

Sergio Busquets: Replaced Paulinho in the 67th minute. After this substitution, Barça finally managed to gain much needed control in midfield. Misplaced a couple of passes but won all of his duels and managed 2 interceptions.

Denis Suárez: Subbed on for Iniesta with around 20 minutes left, he didn’t do anything to note really. Got on the ball a few times and the odd pass here and there but the game was done by this time. I’d like to see him more, he needs continuity and can be a massive help this season.

André Gomes: Replaced Aleix with around 10 minutes left, I barely noticed him on the pitch. Not sure if he even touched the ball really. I’d like to see more of him also especially since he’s better than Paulinho and Rakitic at DM. It would’ve made more sense playing him there than Ivan against Girona.

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