Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): One of the only decent players. On the goal he couldn’t do anything, no GK saves that. Props has to be given to the Getafe player for a stunning strike. Passing was fine but some passes went wayward due to poor concentration from some teammates. He made 1/2 vital saves to stop us going 2-0/ 2-1 down. Good game overall, sad he couldn’t get another clean sheet on his 100th game in a Barça shirt.

Sergi Roberto (5): Disappointing performance for the most part. Didn’t offer much going forward and Getafe caused some problems down his side. The only thing worth noting was his assist for Denis’ equaliser. It was more of a sloppy play from Getafe’s defence than him making difference individually but it’s an assist nonetheless. He passed the ball well and didn’t have many misplaced passes but those were more of a safe passes rather than passes making difference.

Gerard Piqué (6): Started off a bit shaky and picked up a yellow card early on after he got nutmegged by Molina. Didn’t look comfortable enough and it was Umtiti who looked like a leader at the back in this game rather than him. Passing was a positive aspect as usual, passed the ball well under pressure to build out the back. Managed a couple of clearances and interceptions but it wasn’t a performance to remember.

Samuel Umtiti (7): Played well and was one of our better players but can play a lot better. Should’ve scored from a free header midway through the first half but put it right at the GK. Passing was fine but he had far too much to do defensively as the other defenders didn’t pull their weight so he had some moments where he didn’t look himself. Nonetheless, he did what he could and we came out with 3pts, I think he could do with a rest soon. Eibar would be risky as they are a much better team than Getafe.

Jordi Alba (4): Awful performance. Didn’t have much influence even though he always had plenty of time to make a good decision. Passing was fine until the final third where it was abysmal. He was left late in the game 1v1 with a Getafe defender and managed to run the ball out of play rather than playing an easy cutback or beating the man. If he is going to have 1/2 good games and then an absolute stinker, he will have to be upgraded on. One or two bad games can be tolerated, but not as often a this. What makes it worse is that Digne isn’t any better so benching him would be of no use.

Sergio Busquets (6.5): Solid, crisp passing as usual. Combined well with Iniesta but other than that he didn’t have many passing options as Rakitić had a game to forget. Defensively he did well, won most of his duels and managed a few important interceptions.

Ivan Rakitić (5.5): A game to forget. Didn’t start well, had a few sloppy passes and lost possession early on. He was barely visible when Barça were on the ball in the 1st half. Usually it’s his work without the ball that bails him out but not even that looked impressive in this game. Looked a bit more comfortable at the start of the 2nd half but got replaced by Paulinho eventually.

Andres Iniesta (6): Not a great 45 minutes. Failed to influence the game as much as he usually does. Passing was fine but not much more than that really. Hasn’t been dispossessed too much but can’t pull the strings like he wants because a lot of the team was playing really bad. He was subbed off at HT for Denis.

Ousmane Dembélé: Didn’t play too well. Lost the ball which almost led to a Getafe goal. Had some nice trickery here and there but he’s still adapting slowly. Went off injured after 27 mins, which certainly won’t help him adapt to the new team. Let's hope it’s a minor injury.

Lionel Messi (6.5): Very quiet in the 1st half. Didn’t receive the ball in dangerous positions and Getafe defended well against him. The only thing worth noting is his brilliantly taken free kick, but Guaita’s save was even more impressive. Got much better as the game went on, started receiving the ball closer to Getafe’s goal and making things happen. Great assist for Paulinho who scored the winner. Not the best of the performances for his standards, but once again made a game winning play.

Luis Suárez (4.5): Probably the worst player on the pitch alongside Alba. Terrible on the ball, decision making was awful. Misplacing simple passes, choosing the wrong option almost every time he was on the ball. As usual, his effort can’t be denied and he pressed well, should’ve had a penalty after he forced Getafe’s defender into a mistake. It’s quite clear that this role doesn’t suit him much and it will be interesting to see the solution Valverde will come up with.

Gerard Deulofeu (5.5): Replaced Dembélé midway through the 1st half but wasn’t too great. Had some really good sparks but some really poor periods. On the Denis’ goal, his fight to win the ball back was crucial. Decision making no doubt still needs a lot of work. In the final third he seemed to make the wrong decisions. Most times he had the better of his FB but couldn’t make much of it. Let’s hope he can start improving soon because Dembélé will be out till near mid October assuming it is a normal hamstring injury.

Denis Suarez (7.5): Arguably our best player even though he only played 45 minutes. Managed to get on the scoresheet after some good movement off the ball and a good pass from Sergi. With him on the pitch, it took some of the creating burden off Messi and we started creating more, though I would’ve taken Rakitić off rather than Iniesta. He needs to play more often, he’s far too good to play such little minutes. Here’s hoping Valverde notices this and we see more of him as the season goes on.

Paulinho: Replaced Rakitić with 15 minutes to go. Didn’t offer much on the ball, not much changed after he was subbed on in terms of creativity which was Barça’s biggest problem in this game. However, he scored a crucial winning goal after a great play. Managed to stay on his feet after a push and finished it off with a brilliant shot. His 1st Barça goal and it couldn’t have been a more important one.

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