Marc-Andre ter Stegen (8): For the most part he had a quiet first half but around the 35 minute mark, he made a top save to keep us ahead like he’s done quite a lot this season. In the second half, he became a lot more busy and if it wasn’t for him I’m sure that the game wouldn’t have ended at 3-0. Too many times this season he’s had to bail us out which isn’t too bad but we’ve been giving up so many chances the past few games.

Nélson Semedo (5): Not the best of the performances for the Portuguese. Got dispossessed quite often in the 1st half and decision making wasn’t good. He’s made some good runs in behind but couldn’t do much. Rakitić being totally useless on that right side didn’t help. Defensively, he did alright at times to use his pace and recover. Subbed off after 60 minutes.

Gerard Piqué (5.5): Started well even though he didn’t have much to do much early on, passed the ball well. As the game went on, he began to struggle against Amrabat and made quite a few poor mistakes. Picked up a yellow card in the 1st half which means he can’t play in Valencia next week. The card itself was a poor decision from Mallenco.

Samuel Umtiti (7): Solid, although we allowed plenty of shots. Dealt with most of Leganes’ attacks. He was running a tight rope in regards to yellow cards but luckily finished the game without getting one. Piqué will miss the game vs. Valencia but having Umtiti available will lessen the loss of Piqué.

Jordi Alba (5): Had a pretty subpar game bar a few moments. He was asked to do far too much without any wingers and we know how limited he is so asking him to create is like asking Rakitić to control a game. His movement however was very good as per usual as shown on Suarez’s 2nd goal. I was surprised he even managed to get that shot on target considering how bad he is when he gets presented chances. If we play with no wingers against Valencia or Juventus it’ll be rough for him.

Sergio Busquets (7.5): One of the best players on the pitch. Passing was superb even though he didn’t always have too many options, he always found a solution. Wonderful pass to start the move for Barça’s 1st goal. Great defensively, won so many duels and always on the right place at the right time, as usual. He’s practically carrying Barça’s midfield single-handedly at times this season. A joy to watch.

Ivan Rakitić (5): First half was below average, offered nothing in possession and had too many misplaced passes. He improved a bit as the game went on but he’ll have to do much better than this if he’ll play in Turin and Valencia next week. Simply doesn’t offer a lot (or anything at all) in possession. Did well to help defensively when needed but that’s about all he did.

Andres Iniesta (6): Had a pretty quiet game. Only 45 touches in 60 minutes. Oddly enough, we had around 70% possession yet he was most noticeable when he was helping with defending. He’s played quite a bit in the past few months, let’s hope he can keep this high level up for our next 2 fixtures at the very least.

Paco Alcácer (5): Wasn’t great. It was hard for him to influence due to the lack of wingers and Messi not getting on the ball. He played like a RW/RM but when we attacked he drifted into the box without supporting Semedo. His shot for the first goal was rather lucky to land in the path of Suárez. It was a poor position to take a shot. It was more of the same in the second half. He was subbed off for Denis with 8 minutes left.

Lionel Messi (6.5): Quiet game for his standards. He barely saw the ball in the 1st half and didn’t do much. Got into better positions in the 2nd half and had a couple of brilliant passes, one of which started the move for Barça’s 2nd goal of the match. Didn’t have chances to score, only 1 shot on target and Cuéllar did well to stop it. Played a huge part and assisted Barça’s 3rd goal. Here’s hoping we’ll see him at his best in the next 2 important games.

Luis Suárez (7): Finally a good performance. Looked much more dangerous than what we‘ve seen from the start of this season. Scored off the rebound after a good movement inside the box and Cuéllar howler. Passing wasn’t always the best but he looked more involved than usual. Got a bit lucky on his 2nd goal after his volley hit Leganes’ defender, the ball changed direction and went in. We’ll need more of this against better teams in the upcoming games, hopefully it’s the start of something better for him.

Aleix Vidal: Replaced Semedo with 30 to go in the game. Passing and decision making could’ve been better, he found himself in good positions but didn’t always make the right decision. Had a great chance but couldn’t hit the target from close range with nobody around him.

Paulinho: Came on for Andres with 30 minutes left, he managed to get on the scoresheet late on with some very messy play and he finished into an empty net. Surprisingly he was actually decent on the ball, which we don’t say too often. He did however push too much on some occasions leaving us vulnerable to counter attacks. Even though he was meant to bring “defensive steal” to the team, we always seem to manage to concede a lot of shots when he plays.

Denis Suárez: In 8 minutes there wasn’t too much he could do but he didn’t really do anything wrong, passed the ball well when he got it. Even if he isn’t world class, he should be given more minutes otherwise key players in the squad will burn out very soon.

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